How to Measure and Order 

Our design criteria for Easy Pullout Shelves: Simple...Quick...Easy

Measure the Clear Width and Depth of the cabinet opening....Add to Cart....DONE

Could this be simpler?...quicker?...easier?     

Clear Width from hinge edge to right side of cabinet opening: 20 3/4" 

1. Measure Width of Cabinet Opening

Measure the unobstructed width of the cabinet opening where you will be installing the pullout.

If there is a hinge that protrudes into the width of the opening, measure the "clear" width from the edge of the hinge to the other side of the cabinet opening.

On your pad (or our form below), note the location of the cabinet opening [L-Sink-Bottom] and note its CLEAR Width.

Clear Depth from back to the inside edge of the cabinet opening: 22 7/8"

2. Measure Depth of Cabinet Opening

Measure the unobstructed depth of the cabinet opening.

Check to see if there is a pipe or other obstruction in the back.

If so, measure CLEAR depth from the obstruction to the front inside edge of the cabinet.

On your pad, note the opening's CLEAR Depth.

pad with measurements.JPG

3. Order the pullout

Select the pullout type [with or without the optional 5"h Back Stop or 6"w Mini Shelf].

Enter a quantity of [1]... so you can identify the location of each pullout

Add to Cart.

Enter the LOCATION of the cabinet opening. [This will be printed on a label underneath the pullout]

Enter CLEAR Width and Depth of the cabinet opening.

Order other pullouts...then,  CHECKOUT.

Your Pullouts will arrive in 2-3 weeks after ordering via UPS Ground.