Why "Easy" Pullout Shelf?....because it is so easy to install.

Our pullouts are designed to be perfectly installed by anyone in minutes....since they are attached to the shelf or floor of the cabinet ....not to the sides of the cabinet. 

Over the subsequent years, our clients have installed 25,000+ pullout shelves.

The most pullouts bought by a single client so far is 35. He was over 70 years old at the time... and he installed them too.

I know that is the truth because I lent him my battery-powered drill/screw driver to install his second order of 20 pullouts after he told me he installed his first order of 15 with a hand screwdriver!

So, do not be concerned about installing Easy Pullout Shelves....I'm sure that you will successfully install and love your pullout shelves.

hand on RO for halfway rollout.JPG


Your pullout arrives FULLY ASSEMBLED...Simply position it in the cabinet opening so the front of the box is aligned with the front (inner) edge of the cabinet and check that there is approximately equal clearance on each side.

Next, place your hand on the center of the pullout and slide the box out about halfway.....until you can see the back [2] feet.


Attach back feet.JPG


Reach over the back of the box and attach the [2] back "feet" of the slides to the cabinet floor or shelf.

Roll the box forward a bit more...to check that it remains in its correct position.

If it moved, loosen screws, adjust the placement and tighten the screws.

Attach front feet.JPG


Roll the box forward so you can see the [2] front feet and attach them to the cabinet shelf or floor. 

DONE!...And onto your next pullout installation.