How to Install your Easy Pullout Shelf

Our pullouts are designed to be perfectly installed by anyone in minutes. We designed our pullouts to be attached to the floor of the cabinet....not to the sides of the cabinet.. About 10 years ago, I installed side-mounted pullout shelves for my wife. That was very challenging home project (ordeal) caused me to devise a better way....and enable everyone to install pullouts in their cabinets.

Our clients have successfully installed 25,000+ pullout shelves since I am confident that you will too. 

hand on RO for halfway rollout.JPG


Position the fully-assembled pullout in its cabinet its front is aligned with the front edge of the cabinet and there is equal clearance on each side.

Next, place your hand on the center of the pullout and slide the box out about halfway.....until you can see the back [2] feet.

Keep your hand on the box or the pullout will tip forward and change position. If that happens, just repeat the positioning.

Optionally, you can place a weighty object in the box to keep it from tipping up while you complete its installation. That is rarely needed, however.

Attach back feet.JPG


Reach over the back of the box and attach the [2] back "feet" of the slides to the cabinet floor or shelf with [1] screw into each foot.

Suggest that you use a magnetic bit holder to keep the screws attached to the screw driver when it is upside down.

Roll the box forward to check that it is in its correct position. If not, loosen or remove [1] screw and adjust.

When position is confirmed, add [1] more screw to each of the back [2] feet.

Having [2] screws in each of the [2] back feet insures that the pullout will NEVER come undone...even holding 100 lbs!

Attach front feet.JPG


Roll the box forward so you can see the front feet.

Attach [1] screw into each of the [2] front feet. 

DONE!...onto your next pullout installation.

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