Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

Our failure rate to date is less than 1 in 15,000 pullouts.

Consequently, we are confident of our Made In The USA workmanship and materials...and provide you with this unmatched warranty:

Should any component ever fail, we will replace it and send it to you at NO CHARGE...including free shipping.

And, we go even one step further...Should you ever sell your home, our warranty transfers to the next homeowner! 

Our clients make a point of showing their pullout shelves to potential new home buyers as it always gets a very positive reaction.

Without question, your home's appeal and value are enhanced with the high quality and convenience of Easy Pullout Shelves.

Measure/order error?

If you ordered the wrong width or depth, the pullout cannot be resold since these are custom made to your cabinets.

Consequently, we cannot accept returns or provide refunds for errors in ordering.

Often, you can find another location where the pullout will fit. Pullouts are very helpful in any cabinet ...even if it is somewhat smaller than optimal.

If not within your cabinets, it will always be appreciated by a friend, relative, elderly neighbor, etc.

Nevertheless, we understand that mistakes happen.

And so, we will provide a 30% discount on the repurchase of the correct size pullout. Standard shipping is at your expense.

To arrange for a discounted remake, please email us with the order details, etc. by clicking the button below.

Please be sure to contact us before you order if you have ANY DOUBTS OR QUESTIONS and we will help you measure and order with confidence.

Pullouts using soft close slides inevitably result in scratched the cabinet doors and damaged pullout corners.

Pullouts using soft close slides inevitably result in scratched the cabinet doors and damaged pullout corners.

Why not "Soft Close"?

Soft close slides are a great feature for cabinet drawers. But, they were not designed for pullout shelves.

Unlike cabinet drawers, the pullout is always behind a cabinet door that needs to be closed after the pullout has completely returned into the cabinet.

If a pullout is made with soft close slides, it takes a few seconds for the pullout to fully retract.

Inevitably, the cabinet door will be shut by someone before the pullout has fully returned...thereby scratching the inside of the cabinet door and possibly damaging the corner of the pullout.

Also, "soft close" slides should also be called "hard open" slides...as they require a much firmer "pull" on the pullout to start its roll out of the cabinet than our roller bearing slides require. This need for an extra strong pull can be a bit of a problem for homeowners with arthritis or other issues.

And lastly, the soft close mechanism is more likely to fail than our heavy duty roller-bearing slides. We would not offer our Unconditional Lifetime Warranty if we used soft close slides.

Despite the "wow" factor of soft close slides and occasional requests, we will not even offer soft close as an option as it would compromise our quality and reliability.

Local handyman services LOVE to measure and install our pullouts!

Local handyman services LOVE to measure and install our pullouts!

Can I get local measure and installation?

Just because our pullouts are easy to install does not mean that everyone wants to install them.

Any local handyman is able to accurately measure and perfectly install our pullout shelves. Have your local handyman contact us and we will be happy to explain the process.

If you would like us to arrange for a handyman to call you, please contact us with the quantity of shelves that you want and your contact info.

Click the box below and we will contact a couple of handyman services in your area and have them call you to explain the cost of their service and to arrange for a convenient time for their visit.

Note there is a [5] pullout minimum for having us help arrange a local handyman.

Since they typically have a minimum visit charge/hourly rate, our experience is that clients view their service as expensive for measuring and installing just a few pullouts.